Gathering Grounds

Where every social occasion and business event builds meaningful connections.

For all your private or corporate needs, our unique settings offer the ideal ambiance.
Our extensive collection of event spaces includes tropical beachfronts, sophisticated restaurants, plus distinguished networking areas. The dedicated in-house team will ensure your event is everything you envisioned at one of our standout locations across Phuket.
Catering to all occasions by crafting memorable events.
Are you are planning a personal celebration such as a birthday, engagement or reunion? Discover more about your dream event.
For your business needs, we offer everything from board meetings to large-scale conferences and launch events.
Discover our unique venues in Phuket, for your unforgettable event.
We offer an impressive collection of event spaces to suit all your venue requirements.
Explore our selection of inspired spaces designed to meet your every event need. From the perfect venue for an exclusive private celebration, all the way through to venue spaces ready to elevate your corporate gatherings.